Dear Behind the Scene Readers,

May you never underestimate your value, whether you be in front of the scenes or behind the scenes. Along my path, I have been encouraged, supported and guided from a visible and invisible realm. I have been pushed on my life path, not to play small, stuck, self-limiting. I have been fully loved and cared for by so many people in this process. These are the encouragers, harmonizers, peacemakers, healers, teachers, lovers, miracle workers. These are cheerleaders shouting, “You can do this. I believe in you.”

Tall, wide, and deep thank yous are in order:

Thank you to my husband, Pierre Gremillion, for encouraging me not to hold back in my writing; believing in me when I didn’t believe in myself; and for loving me when I didn’t love myself.

Thank you to my two amazing sons, Gabriel and Lucas.  When I wanted to throw my writings away, Gabriel said, “Your life would be a waste.  And God doesn’t waste lives.”  Lucas has appreciated my skill of writing.  He points out the beauty, “My mom is a writer.”

Thank you to my mom, Connie Ward, for reading everything I passed her way and becoming part of my collaborative team.  Shh.  She really is a secret writer.

Thank you to my dad, Ken Ward, for telling me, “You’re such a strong woman.  You just don’t know it yet.  In fact, you are the strongest one in the family.”  I know my value and worth now.

Thank you to my aunt, Jackie Viola, for her inspiration, endless encouragement, and kind support along my journey.

Thank you to my sister, Lauren Fostel, for challenging me as a sister does; for reading my scripts along the way; and for staying close behind the scenes even if she didn’t understand me at times.

Thank you to Jayne Ankeney for her vitality and contagious enthusiasm.  She shared, “Jen, you got this.  You got this.”  Those words echo throughout my day.  You can do this Jennifer!

Thank you to Wayne Larocque and a friendship that began at The Esalen Institute in Big Sur.  He has generously encouraged me with immense, profound, and poignant wisdom.  He pushed me to go onwards and upwards.

Thank you Cathy Montalbano for seeing the depth of my soul and pointing out that I’ve overcome many obstacles with strength and faith.

Thank you Miriam Aliberti for reading my evolving scripts and for dialoging with laughter and tears.  You are a true friend with a gentle and pure heart!

Thank you Darlene Dicharry for the energy of sweetness, availability, and gracious wisdom.  Your words have pierced my heart with lightness.

Thank you Danielle Boyle for being the daughter I never had; for picking up my writing with eagerness and willingness; and for appreciating my vulnerable and transparent blogs.

Thank you Shelley Rike for shifting stuck and stagnant energy with your amazing hands and your overflowing heart.  My wounds have become my medicine!

Thank you Paige Huffman for loving me and this story.  When she shares my story, people cry every time—Paige included.  It’s time.  Right?!  It’s time.

Thank you Victoria Lopez for a sustained friendship since 1st grade.  You have always been a prayer away… a phone call away.

Thank you Brandi Foley for a beautiful friendship. You are always there when I need someone.

Thank you Mary Richard for a dear friendship and for never letting me go.  Your love and support to your family and friends, including myself, is sweetness to my soul.

Thank you Alexia Melocchi for believing in me and my writings.  She said, “Jennifer, there is talent and there is a calling.  Your talent is writing, but you are moving into a spiritual calling.”  Thank you for helping me get over my fears and be seen.

Thank you Jeffrey Smith for teaching me how to love myself; for embracing my shadow, flaws, and imperfections; and for teaching me that I’m truly amazing.

Thank you Michael Berger for encouraging me on this path and equipping me with spiritual protection and spiritual empowerment.

There are times that we are behind the scenes and other times we are in front of the scene. Different seasons but the same value we bring… to heal, to love, to teach with a wide open heart and soul.

Thank you for the visible support and the invisible support.  Divine forces pushed me in this direction.  It’s been an amazing journey.  I’m forever grateful for all the teachers, healers, and lovers, from experience to experience, teaching me every step of the way.  May you fathom the breadth, length, depth, and height of my sincere appreciation.

With love and appreciation,