Dear Storytelling Readers,

Once upon a time, a young woman married a young man. It wasn’t by choice. It was out of duty, obligation, and power. It was a sign of the times in the 13th century where families selected suitable families for their kin to marry. This woman became a queen and married a king. However, her heart was not truly in the marriage. She followed orders from her father. The woman awoke and fell in love with another man. The man loved her deeply and cared for her. The queen quenched her love. In this act of treason to the king, she would have been beheaded.

Beheaded. That is where my soul traveled in another lifetime. A part of me left behind. A part of me shattered. A part of me that I remembered.

I traveled back in time to reclaim part of my soul. It was misplaced, forgotten, shamed. I allowed the queen to embrace her lover and in that very moment, there was a healing in my body. I found part of myself again.

Is this a true story? Something fictitious? A past life review? Does it really matter?

Have you ever traveled to a different lifetime to reclaim parts of your soul?

Have you allowed a healing to come into your body?

Have you lived with regret?

How about with shame?

Is your soul whole? Or has it been forgotten and misplaced?

Beheaded. No one is going to behead you for your feelings, thoughts, desires, and beliefs.

And no one can shame you. Only you can shame yourself. Shame is when you consider yourself a “bad person” because of a certain behavior. Person based identity. Guilt follows perception… when you did a “bad behavior” but you are not a “bad person” from this act. Behavior based.

But truthfully, no one can sit in judgment of you.

WHAT IF it was part your healing journey… your soul’s journey?

The adultery. The white lies. The drugs and alcohol. The eating disorder. The sex addiction. The divorce. The strained relationships. The bankruptcy and foreclosure. The anger and the bitterness. The death and the silence. The miscarriage and the abortion. The suicide attempts. The gaming addiction. The gossip. The constant moves. The different jobs.

WHAT IF this is part of soul’s journey back to the divine, back to your inner being, back to your eternal home? (Click to Tweet)

Every experience is an awakening. We are being restored to wholeness. We are returning home. Returning to love, peace, joy, contentment, satisfaction, beauty, understanding.

No Longer Beheaded,