Dear Intentional Readers,

Each year, we select a word and we carry that intention throughout the year.  For 2016, Pierre selected Action. But not any action . . . Inspired Action! Lucas continued his kindness trend of 2015 with nice for 2016. Gabriel assured, “Success.” I chose Ananda. Lucas added, “Just say JOY!”

During my meditation this week, these words came one by one. Action. Nice. Success. Joy. But they came bearing gifts.

Pierre is working on these issues. Inspired A-C-T-I-O-N.

A . . . Assertively.

C . . . Conquering.

T . . . Truth.

I . . . Inspiration.

O . . . Opportunities.

N . . . Now. In this present moment!

In life, you can focus on the weaknesses of a person or choose to see their true nature. This is how I see my son, Gabriel. His true essence is naturally a S-U-C-C-E-S-S.

S . . . Sensitive.

U . . . Understanding.

C . . . Compassionate.

C . . . Connections.

E . . . Empathetic.

S . . . Sweet.

S . . . Smart.

These are the qualities that feed Lucas’s soul. And it begins with N-I-C-E.

N . . . Nature.

I . . . Insightful.

C . . . Caring.

E . . . Empathetic.

And for me, J-O-Y is my true nature.

J . . . Just results.

O . . . Optimistically.

Y . . . Yielding.

I ended my meditation with a smile and a deeper understanding. And I thanked the universe for the gifts!

Everyone is a work in progress. Stand firm in compassion and truth which allows others to traverse their challenges without judgement. You can’t change another person. Lucas described, “You can’t bring a horse to water and make him drink.” But you can stay in alignment as you weather storms in life. You can remind yourself of the joy. You can remember the moments . . . one-by-one. As Gabriel was born. As Lucas made me smile with his insights. As Pierre and I bought our first home. These reminders help you shift in the present moment. You focus on celebration, gratitude, beauty, appreciation, and understanding. And you gain wisdom, clarity and an assurance. Everything is all right. Everything was all right. Everything will be all right.

You are divinely supported, guided, and loved. And the universe delights in bearing gifts. May you open and receive gifts in this present moment with a deeper understanding and knowing.