Dear Awakening Readers,

We moved to Encinitas, California after Hurricane Katrina. We resided in Poinsettia Ridge Apartments a little over a year. We were thankful that we had a safe and clean place.

One of our adjacent neighbors was a young gorgeous girl in her early twenties and a handsome older guy in his mid-fifties. When we were all in the elevator, my judgmental mind would race… “How are these two together? It must be a sex thing. What do they talk about?” Yes, I admit it was my ego… analyzing, judging, and attacking.

I learned something about myself in that moment. God had a lesson plan curtailed perfectly for me.

On Halloween, the gorgeous girl knocked on my door in the early afternoon with Halloween treats and cookies for Gabriel. She shared, “I just love your son.” I invited her in, and she played in the room with Gabriel. I saw her big heart, her smile, her compassion, her acceptance of my son. I realized that I was judging based on the physical dimension but not on a spiritual dimension. God showed me her spirit so I would wake up to my judgment of physical… their physical relationship. I didn’t see the spiritual relationship. I saw the age difference and allowed my mind to go off on tangents. My mind wasn’t trained. It ran wild.

A few months later, we went back to New Orleans for the holidays. We came back, and the couple wasn’t living in the apartment. My husband bumped into the gorgeous girl in the parking lot and she revealed that there was domestic abuse between them. One night, things got really bad between them. She came to our apartment for shelter. She came to our door and banged on it for refuge. She felt safe with us. She really wanted to talk to me. Pierre gave her my cell number.

She called me and shared, “You have such a bright light. I was hoping that you were there when I banged on the door.” We sat on the phone, and I held sacred space for her. God’s plan was revealed. There were tears, similarities in our background. There was no ego. It was leading with my heart, soul, spirit. It was communicating on a spiritual level with no barriers. It was a healing. A healing for her. A healing for me. A healing of perspectives. A healing in my heart.

Where have you judged?

Where is your ego running the show and running wildly?

What are you learning about yourself when you judge, attack, and analyze another?

Are you experiencing things on a physical dimension or have you shifted to a spiritual dimension?

Have you offered someone shelter, refuge, a sacred space to reveal the depths of their heart and soul?

God has a lesson plan curtailed perfectly for you. When you open, God’s plan is revealed. (Click to Tweet) May you awaken and usher in freedom of the spirit.


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