Dear Australian Lovers,

This California girl is also a New Orleanian, born and raised there. People love visiting New Orleans because of the yummy food, music flare, architectural design, the flavorful culture and the warmth of the people. The people are the heartbeat of New Orleans.

I can honestly say that Australians are like New Orleanians – warm, friendly, talkative, affectionate. I was well-received here.

Australians hugged me, took pictures with me, and shared their life story.

Another traveler in Tahiti suggested that I learn all languages kindergarten style. He said it will open doors of connections for me. I pondered, “Interesting. Maybe next lifetime. I’m doing pretty good with my English and I can connect easily to others, no matter their ethnicity.”

See, it’s not language. It’s not even words. It’s an open heart – free to give and receive love.

I met a Morrocan friend.
I met an Egyptian friend.
I met a British friend.
I met a South American friend.
I met a Yugoslavian friend.
I met a Swedish friend.
I met several Australian friends.

And the common theme that they feel is my compassionate heart. They want to take a picture with me, hug me, ask me to mentor them, and share that I should just move to Australia because I’m an amazing woman and they haven’t met someone like me. It’s okay. This is God working in and through me. I can read people easily and can go deep quickly. It’s my love and light radiating. One girl said, “I just need someone like you in my life.” I smiled because I need someone like me in my life, and I found it in beautiful friendships and wonderful connections. I found it in an openness and a willingness to live out loud.

This girl has weathered many ‘Life Storms‘ but they produced amazing fruit in my life – peace, acceptance, forgiveness, non-judgment, understanding, compassion, unconditional love.

It’s the depths of those ‘Life Storms’ that allows me to resonate with others. My growth turned into ‘Life Miracles.’ I take that fruit wherever I go and connect instantly with others.

Stepping up in Australia, in Tahiti, in Bora Bora, in New Orleans, in California and wherever my guidance leads me.

Stepping up,
Jennifer Gremillion