Dear Manifesting Readers,

You are manifesting, moment by moment, day by day, thought by thought. Every thought you think has a vibration. My thoughts can be my greatest ally or a terrible foe. I choose. Did you know that you have a role in this too? You choose your thoughts. You can reach for anyone.

But it was time for my thoughts to be congruent with my divine inner being. I can’t think one thing and doubt it, or it won’t manifest. I can’t desire something greatly but destroy it because it’s encumbered with fear, guilt, and shame.

I allowed my passions and desires to increase into spiritual and creative expression. Then, guess what? Manifestation showed up… Effortlessly, Effectively, Exponentially. Manifestation was my intention for 2014. The word of the year. The energy of intention for the year!

I surveyed the past year to see what I manifested. It was quite extraordinary.


1) I desired an unconventional school for Gabriel. I wanted a revolution. I wanted more family time and less busy work, less homework. Purposeful. Compassionate. Mindful. Manifestation came at the perfect timing in a great school for both boys.

2) I desired balanced moods, not to be tossed to and fro. Beautiful manifestation developed by knowing who I am, my boundaries, my worth, the importance of self-care, and the importance of saying no.


3)  I desired effective communication.  Manifestation came by employing the four principles in Living Nonviolent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg. 


4)  I desired moving back to California.  Our house was for sale for four years.  Sitting.  Waiting.  Manifestation depicted in the “for sale” sign coming down.

5)  I desired an exercise companion.  Manifestation came with lovely friends and to my surprise, my sons.  Who would have thought that they would enjoy the gym?

manifest-5Gabriel and Lucas Enjoying Outside with Roller Blades and Heelys

6)  I desired my writing to go forth and with the guidance of my manager, Alexia Melocchi, she indicated a blog.  Eager Manifestation came in a website and blog… and now a book.

manifest-6My Manager, Alexia Melocchi, and I at the San Diego Harbor

7)  I desired to feel good.  An energized body.  Unbeknownst manifestation came through the diagnosis of sleep apnea and a mouth guard.  Yes, I’m sleeping better.  Headaches disappeared.  And less naps during the day.  Amen.  Amen.  However it comes… I surrender to the universe!

8) I desired a computer that the boys aren’t on, an ergonomic chair, and a quiet space. Manifestation appeared through my husband. He suggested, “Take my office space. I’m not here. I’m not using it.” A computer followed and I selected an ergonomic office chair. Love the quiet! Love not opening the computer to another video game. Your space is important!

9) I desired my Grandma to be cared for during her final days. I spoke words of love and care into her. But the glorious manifestation occurred when I did her eulogy. Oh, the universe was orchestrating something so glorious behind the scenes.

manifest-7My Grandma, Mary, and I in Italy

10)  I desired for my boys to attend a mission trip.  I wanted them to appreciate all that they have.  Spellbinding manifestation blew in when Gabriel signed up for a mission trip to Mexico… on his own.  He was the only child without other family members.  God put it on his heart, and he showed up.  He came home with sincere appreciation.  He exclaimed, “Mom, they are so poor and so happy.  I want to go back.”

manifest-8Gabriel Heads to Mexico

That’s my manifestation year wrap up. There were so many I could have added.

What did you manifest last year?
What can you manifest this year?
What thoughts are you choosing?
What thoughts can you let go of?
What thoughts can you embrace?

Go manifest the life of your dreams. Watch it unfold Effortlessly, Effectively, Exponentially.

Wholehearted Gratefulness,