Dear Amazon Shoppers,

Buyers are purchasing copies of my book, Life Storms Hurricane Katrina, and leaving some exciting Amazon reviews.

“I read this amazing story in less than two hours and cried through the majority of it. It is so authentic, so inspiring, so heart felt that you feel you have known Jennifer all your life. But wait, maybe she is just holding up a mirror so you are really seeing yourself in these pages. I recommend this to everyone, to anyone who has ever felt lost or homesick. She leads you to where you want to go, to go home to your true self. I hope this is only the first in many books that Jennifer shares. Thank you for your transparency and your courage to share.” ~ Paula Casey

“This is a courageous and eloquently written memoir about the writer’s experience in surviving the wrath of Hurricane Katrina in the midst of receiving heart wrenching news about the medical condition of her three year old son. The reader gets a first-hand glimpse of the intensity of running from a murderous storm and its devastating after effects. Jennifer Gremillion and her husband Pierre lost their home and had to evacuate even as they were informed their son needed a dangerous surgery. She speaks to the chaos, pain, and destruction that occurs in relationships and lives under the stress of circumstances out of our control. She shares her journey of transformative healing and invites the reader to explore the “storms” in their own life to gain peace and strength. This book is not only an interesting read but it might change the way you think about facing a crisis in your life.” ~ Miriam Aliberti

“Enjoyed hearing the personal story of a family impacted by Hurricane Katrina. In this case the writer was faced with a double whammy of a child with medical and physical challenges. Jennifer’s account of taking on the challenges and coming out stronger is a lesson for all of us. Many marriages have trouble surviving much less. Maybe this can help you put your daily challenges into perspective?” ~ Chris A.

“Everything Jennifer Gremillion writes is inspiring and healing. She really communicates from such a place of honesty and vulnerability, yet always leaving you with hope. I could not recommend this book enough. You will love the humor in it and the heartfelt passion that shine in her words!” ~ Danielle Boyle

“Jennifer’s personal journey is astounding but how she has turned her own experiences into a guide map for others is even more amazing. I read her book cover to cover in hours and cannot wait to go back and start over, this time planning a new journey for my own life.” ~Eli
“The book is well written. Once you begin to read it you won’t put it down until you are finished. Jennifer takes you on her journey but also gets the reader to examine themselves and reflect on what she has written.” ~ Patrick Bell

I can’t wait to see what the universe will bring me tomorrow.

All love,