Dear Inspiring Readers,

On March 1, 2002, I was rushed into an emergency C-section. Chaos in the OR. And there Gabriel was born with Giant Pigmented Nevus, birthmarks that cover the majority of his body. One birthmark covered the majority of his back, neck, and top of head. Doctors didn’t know the cause. There was no known cure. We didn’t know if he would live past a year. Thirteen major surgeries to remove Giant Pigmented Nevus, an orphan disease. More than cosmetic. It could have a neurological impact.

On June 26, 2007, Lucas was born to a beautiful teenage mom. Full of love and compassion. She considered the options of aborting him, keeping him, or giving him up for adoption. After carefully consideration and a heavy heart, she chose us. Honored and humbled, Lucas came into our lives that day. Thankful for such a wonderful gift.

I knew when I was younger that I would adopt one day. When Pierre and I dated, it was confirmed that we would adopt one day. Not because Gabriel was born with a rare condition but because our hearts were open to it. Seeds planted from such an early age. Watered and grew into an incredible garden.

I had to dig deeper in those moments. What if Gabriel didn’t survive? What if the lesion on his brain grew? What if Lucas was taken back? And there I discovered my strength. I found it in letting go. Whatever season, I had them, whatever trials may come, whatever… I found the beauty in the fleeting moments of it all.

See my boys have been my amazing teachers. Dropped into my life in amazing ways.

Gabriel is an old soul, curious, a deep thinker. He challenges me to persevere when I feel like giving up. He encourages me when I fail. He gives me insight in such a divine and inspiring way.

Questioning myself, I said, “Where is all this writing going? I think I’m going to stop and toss my screenplays.” Gabriel quickly responds, “You can’t Mom. If you do, your life will be a waste. And God doesn’t waste lives.”

Gabriel’s name means “devoted to God.” And he is. Devoted in whatever, however, and whenever God uses him. He came into the world blowing a trumpet… making a loud noise. And he won’t stop until his last breath.

Lucas is an illuminator, sweet, kind, keenly observant. His name means “bringer of light.” And he shines his light brightly into dark places of my soul. He allows me to see things from a different perspective.

One day, Lucas said, “I don’t believe being late is a big deal. Other people may think that not being on time is a big deal, but I don’t.” In that instant, he changed his belief system, incredibly on his own.

For this season, I have them… as divine light bearers that they are. Carefully fulfilling their plans and purpose. Inspiring me to go the distance. Amazing, yes truly amazing.

May you examine your life and see such beauty in divine ways.

All Love,