Dear Ageless and Beautiful Readers,

Do you know that you are truly ageless and truly beautiful? Sit with that for a moment because so many times we resist hearing the truth.

You are truly ageless.

You are truly beautiful.

People ask my age, and I’m not ashamed to share my age. Chronological numbers are just that… numbers. 

Isn’t that refreshing?

I shared my views on age with someone on Facebook and they commented, “Ohhh deep.” Yes, deep but how deep do you want to go into my spirit… into my essence? How deep do you want another to go into your spirit… into your essence?

Someone on Facebook asked me for tips on looking attractive. I shared, “Love yourself! That’s the best beauty tip!!!” They followed with, “How can I love myself dear?”

I revealed, “By not allowing others comments to hurt you; for you to stand in your power of love, courage and strength. No life storm takes away your worth and value. That is who you are… gloriously worthy. You are love, and you will radiate love to others. There is the sweetness and there is the beauty! My Facebook friend responded, “Omg that was awesome.”

You know why things are awesome? Because they are truth and truth resonates with your divine inner being… your essence. It’s who you really are. When you hear others talk about age and beauty or other topics, you identify with the words because it’s truth. It peels the layers of shame, doubt, and fear away. It allows you space to step into your greatness and your power. That is truly beautiful.

Do you know that you are ageless?

Do you know that you are truly beautiful?

What are your thoughts on age?

Do you identify with the chronological numbers? Do you identify with the spirit?

When you look in the mirrorCan you say I am beautiful? Can you think I am beautiful? Can you whisper I am truly beautiful? Can you believe that I am truly beautiful?

We have given our power away with self-limiting beliefs that are destructive, damaging, diminishing. May you walk today with head held high and may your practice a life-giving belief. You are truly ageless. You are truly beautiful.

An Ageless Beauty,