Dear Agape Lovers,

On Sunday, we drove to Los Angeles to meet our good friends, Danielle and Ben, at Agape International Spiritual Center which embraces a theology of joy and unconditional love. The boys sat with us as we listened to the enchanting music.

Then, the newcomers were asked to stand, and we were handed newcomer information. But something magical happened in that moment. Hands were extended towards the newcomers and a prayed was spoken over us. Some of the wording consisted of… “We see you. We see you. You are marvelous. You are brilliant.” If I could recite it verbatim, I would. My husband, Pierre, wants to go back and stand for the newcomer prayer every time. The smiles from the people. The sparkle in their eye. The words ushered freedom. It reminded me of what God spoke to me a few weeks ago…. “Jennifer, remind people of who they are. Remind, not forget, is the message I want you to share with others.”

Michael Bernard Beckwith spoke on “Your Incarnation: The Opportunity of a Lifetime.” We are given an opportunity to awake to clarity and usher in freedom. We can do this as we understand our paradigms, conditionings, beliefs, fears… our Life Scripts.

Are we operating out of fear or love?

Are we operating out of a spiritual identity of light and love?

Are we operating out of a physical identity of worry and confusion?

Are we awake to our thoughts? Our patterns? Our beliefs? Our fears?

We operate out of higher consciousness, enlightenment which is really understanding. We step into a collective consciousness where we are one mind, one heart, one spirit. We are not separate beings, but interconnected beings. We are connected to Spirit, Source, and God. And by being connected, it allows us to walk in our passion and purpose. We are no longer scattered, tossed to and fro. We are equipped with strength, talents, gifts, grace, love, power, and resources.

“If you are honest with yourself, you will notice that you set a certain ceiling on your life structures. You have come into an agreement that, ‘I can be content with just this. I don’t want to inconvenience the universe by asking or expecting more.’ This is not audacious prayer. Authentic, audacious prayer declares your true nature and takes you to the depths of your being where you touch Reality with a capital R. You break through the ceiling you set for yourself and nothing is the same.” ~ Michael Bernard Beckwith

Have you set certain life structures for yourself?

Are you content with where you are and who you are?

Are you praying authentically and audaciously?

Or are you afraid to ask or expect more?

Have you broke through the self-limiting ceiling and freed yourself?

May you discover your true nature and discover the depths of your inner being. Break yourself free from a self-imposed ceiling, self-imposed prison, and self-imposed beliefs. There you will stand in worthiness, truth, clarity, understanding, light, love, joy, passion, contentment. All of us want to be reminded of who we really are. May you remind yourself today and everyday.

Agape Lover,