Dear Straddling Readers,

You may think I’m getting down and dirty or going in some obscene fashion. But stay with me because it’s clean fun.

One of my favorite positions is straddling. Pierre was typing at his computer. And I climbed on his lap in a straddle position, and we held each other. The warmth of the embrace. The warmth of his skin. Of course, I kissed him a few times on the cheek. But he rubbed my back and said, “You feel so good.” And I agreed that he felt good. What I wanted was the connection… the closeness… the touch.

And later that evening I noticed that I wasn’t the only one who liked the straddle position. Lucas was upset about something. I sat on the stepstool in the kitchen. And guess what? He crawled on me in the same straddle position. He wanted comfort. He wanted to be held. He wanted to know that everything was alright. Everything will be alright. I rubbed him and assured him. He felt safe and secure.

The Gremillion family must like the straddle position. Or we really are craving the closeness, comfort, connection in those moments.

When was the last time you straddled someone?
When was the last time you sought the connection, the closeness, the comfort?
Maybe it is sexual or maybe it is clean fun. You decide. I crave the touch and warmth.
What do you crave?

We are meant to express who we fully are. There is nothing to be ashamed about when you have desires, wants, needs, even fantasies.

When you can communicate clearly with another, you are heard and your feelings are expressed. Yes, it involves intimacy. It also involves heart space to be heard and seen, without worrying if another will make you feel guilty or ashamed.

But there is something truly magical in those ordinary moments. Connection is breathed in extraordinary opportunities. Pay attention when those opportunities present itself. I followed my intuition when I sat on Pierre’s lap. Lucas followed his intuition when he sat on my lap.

When was the last time you followed intuition?
When was the last time you communicated clearly your desires, wants, needs, even fantasies?

It’s not too late to be authentically you. It’s not too late to take the initiative. It’s not too late. Go straddle someone and watch their reaction! It might surprise you. It might surprise them.