Dear Guiding Readers,

Are you listening to your guidance? Do you trust your guidance? Do you follow your guidance?

My son Lucas (8) is in tune with his guidance. Here is the scenario…

Lucas had two flag football games in the evening and running club in the morning. He knew that he wanted to save his energy for the games. In the morning, Lucas decided not to head to running club. I allowed him to make the decision. I allowed him the space to follow his guidance.

We attended the two flag football games. It took a lot out of him. On the way home, he fell asleep. I would love to say I can carry this little monkey from the car up the stairs to his bedroom. But he is getting heavier and I am following my guidance. I gently woke him. He knew that tomorrow was Saturday. A time to sleep in. Yet, this Saturday morning, he had an award ceremony at school for excelling in reading. As I woke him, he shared, “Mom, I don’t want to get up early for the award ceremony. I’ll pick up my award at school next week.” I assured, “Okay.” He climbed in bed with his football uniform still on. He was too tired to put on his pajamas. And I tucked him and kissed him.

See Lucas was operating from his guidance. He knew his limits. He knew his boundaries. It wasn’t do this because I say so. It was listen… trust… follow your guidance system.

Saturday morning rolled around… And we all slept late. I cooked banana pancakes as two sleepyheads made their way in the kitchen. Lucas was exhausted last night. I wanted to remind him of his decision. I wanted to remind him that we didn’t attend the award ceremony. Lucas said, “It’s fine mom. I will get my award next week. I can get it at the front office or from my teacher.” And of course, I was relieved instead of hearing, “Why didn’t you wake me?”

Lucas was guiding him. There wasn’t parental control or dominance. He was in flow which allowed me to witness, observe, and support his decision making process. As Lucas continues to listen, trust, follow his guidance system, he builds confidence. It’s like building muscle. It takes practice, discipline, awareness. As it continues to grow, he will become more confident in his decision making process.

Are you building confidence in your decision making process?

Are you listening, trusting, following your guidance system? Or are you relying on someone else’s guidance system?

In every moment, you are guiding you.

I wish I found my guidance system as a child. I found mine as an adult. But guess what? I have the awesome privilege of teaching my boys to follow their guidance system. Lucas is such a bright shining light. As Lucas grows and trusts his guidance system, I observe in joy.

Remember, you are never too late or too early to build your muscle and trust your guidance system.

Listening, trusting, and following,