Dear Rejuvenating Readers,

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day. So Happy Valentine’s Day! Happy Valentine’s Day is expressed more than a just day. It’s expressing love, appreciation, and awareness everyday that lifts, transforms, and heals.

My gift was time to myself to rejuvenate, create, and write for 4 days while my hubby and boys went skiing. They went to Snow Mountain skiing, and they had fun. They hit all their favorite food stops along the way. They enjoyed bowling and Kung Fu Panda 3.

pierre-and-gabriel skiing-2016Pierre and Gabriel Skiing


Gabriel and Lucas Skiing


Pierre and Lucas Skiing

And my Valentine’s Day was down time. No cooking. No cleaning. No doing laundry.

Pierre suggested that I board our dog, Drew. He wanted me to have this time to myself. No walking the dog either.

Energetically, it was sweet and well-needed!

I stayed on a school schedule going to bed at the same time and getting up at the same time. Okay, I may have hit the snooze button one day and slept till 7:00 a.m.

What did I do with my time? I cleared space… clutter in my mind. I meditated. I grounded. I napped. I took baths. More importantly, I wrote. In fact, one day I wrote for eight hours. I was in flow. There were no distractions. Of course, I stopped and ate. I took good care of myself. And I watched a light movie, The Intern, which made me smile.

I had no one to answer too but myself.

And I smiled. Last January, my husband and boys gave me that space and time. During that time, I began Life Storms: Hurricane Katrina. You will have to wait to see what I started this year. But it felt great, amazing, transforming, inspiring. I was connected to God, Source, energy, the Divine, the universe. And I was unstoppable.

There was no guilt that I was not with my hubby and boys. I knew that they were cared for and having fun.

Don’t settle. Create, aim and hit the Bull’s eye for your happiness. You are gloriously worth it. We all need to do the things that make us happy. They are important in marriage, in parenting, in experiencing, in Being.

Other people use to make critical comments when I took time for myself. Since I am co-creating my amazing adventure, I let go of negative people, drama and conflict. I implemented boundaries. And I welcomed self-love.

Life is sweet. Love is sweeter. I love you!!!

All love,


They came home with beautiful roses!